+ Biologic Behavior

  • Oral FSA is the 2nd most common feline oral tumor with an incidence of 13%-17%
  • Mean age 10 years
  • No site predilection ± gingiva
  • Locally invasive into the gingiva and bone with local tumor recurrence after surgical excision common
  • Bone involvement is common
  • Metastasis to the regional lymph node is rare but metastasis to the lungs occurs in up to 20% cats

+ Treatment

  • Surgical techniques: mandibulectomy and maxillectomy
  • Radiation Therapy can be used alone or in combination with surgical excision, but is considered palliative
  • Chemotherapy: doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide for oral FSA

+ Prognosis

Local control is more important than metastatic disease with local recurrence the most common cause of death