Veterinary Society of
Surgical Oncology

General Considerations

  • infiltrative lipomas are locally aggressive with infiltration of normal muscle and fibrous tissue
  • large breed dogs are predisposed with a median body weight 30.5 kg
  • sex predisposition: females with a male-to-female ratio of 1:4
  • well-differentiated adipocytes without evidence of anaplasia and considered benign
  • infiltrative lipomas invade muscle, fascia, nerve, myocardium, joint capsule, and bone
  • infiltrative lipomas can cause pressure atrophy of muscles, pain, and interfere with normal movement
  • aggressive treatment may be required for local control as recurrence is common
  • radiation therapy can be considered for unresectable tumors as decreased blood supply may diminish growth
  • prognosis: 36% local tumor recurrence, median DFI 239 days, and 1-year DFI 67%


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