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Surgical Oncology


Biologic Behaviour

  • oral OSA is the 4th most common oral tumor in dogs and accounts for 6%-18% of oral tumors
  • OSA is more common in appendicular skeleton with only 25.4% in the axial skeleton
  • mandibular OSA accounts for 27% of axial OSA (and < 4% of all OSA cases)
  • axial OSA, and mandibular OSA in particular, may have a lower metastatic rate than appendicular OSA



  • surgical techniques: mandibulectomy and maxillectomy

Surgery and Radiopharmaceuticals

  • samarium has been used following partial maxillectomy and local recurrence with survival times > 21 months


  • 12-month survival rate 59%
  • 12-month survival rate with combinations of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy: 35%-59%
  • MST for mandibulectomy is 14-18 months with 12-month survival rate 35%-71%, local recurrence rate 15%-28%, and metastatic rate 28%
  • MST for maxillectomy is 4.6-10 months with 12-month survival rate 17%-27% and recurrence rate 33%
  • poor prognostic factor: high histologic grade for mandibular OSA treated with mandibulectomy


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