Veterinary Society of
Surgical Oncology

Biologic Behaviour

  • feline tongue tumors are most commonly SCC on occur on the ventral surface of the tongue near the frenulum


  • wedge incisional biopsy closed with horizontal mattress sutures
  • regional lymph node FNA for staging purposes


  • partial glossectomy if tumor is confined to the lateral or rostral half of the tongue
  • ± radiation therapy if inoperable or metastatic to the regional lymph nodes


  • prognosis depends on site, type, and grade of tumor
  • drinking and eating may be impaired but hydration and nutrition can be maintained
  • poor coat hygiene in cats due to effect of partial glossectomy on grooming
  • thermoregulation can be a problem in hot and humid environments
  • rostral tongue tumors have better prognosis as earlier detection and easier to excise with wider margins, while the caudal tongue has richer vascular and lymphatic supply for metastasis
  • 12-month survival rate 25%
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