Veterinary Society of
Surgical Oncology


  • prevalence of dermal HSA in cats is highly variable ranging from none to most common site of HSA
  • HSA often occurs in unpigmented skin or white cats due to exposure to ultraviolet light
  • sex predisposition: male
  • median age 12.5 years
  • site predilection: dermis and subcutis of head (especially pinna) or inguinal subcutis
  • tumor cells are immunoreactive to factor-VIII related antigen and vimentin
  • treatment: wide surgical excision as traditionally unresponsive to chemotherapy and relatively radioresistant
  • prognosis is guarded with local tumor recurrence rate of up to 50% following histologically complete resection and metastatic rate of up to 25% at the time of diagnosis


  • sex predisposition: male
  • median age 10 years
  • pigmented skin with no site predilection although other papers report a predilection for white-haired areas
  • tumor cells immunoreactive for factor-VIII related antigen and vimentin
  • no local tumor recurrence following complete resection


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